Due to Covid-19, can parties mediate by telephone?

· During the Covid-19 pandemic, it should be considered how businesses can collect aged debts or de-risk by settling disputes.
· Mediation could be used to address your urgent needs, as a flexible process that can be organised and take place within days and deliver a fast result if settlement is reached.
· It is possible that parties can mediate by telephone instead of normal “in person mediations”.
· Prior to Covid-19, telephone mediation has been used for pre-mediation calls or if settlement is not agreed on mediation day.
· A telephone mediation would work in a similar way to an “in person mediation”.
· The first step will be coming to an agreement between all parties about which mediator they want to mediate and that this mediation will be by telephone. A date and time period will then be agreed.
· Once the mediator has been appointed, they will begin case management, which will follow the form of a normal mediation.
· The mediators quick “knock-on-the-door” is likely to be replaced by a very short update call or an email to say a party is still thinking or talking.
· The telephone mediation can then continue until settlement is reached, or, if there is an agreement to extend, when the agreed time period expires.
· If a deal is reached, party representatives will then draft the appropriate settlement documentation, using email or telephone.
· We can act as the Solicitor attending the mediation with the client via joint telephone call or video call, depending on what is agreed.

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