Harassment outside of work; what an employer can do

Following the recent football tournament, it became more apparent that people were using social platforms to voice their racist opinions.

Despite there being an on-going campaign against fans abusing football players in the past, the harassment is still present.

As an employer this can be increasingly concerning to have these individuals working for your company and tarnishing the reputation of your business.

Employers may not have control over their employee’s actions outside of their office but they can take internal action in response to the actions outside their office.

There is need for a zero-tolerance approach to any sort of harassment, bullying or racism, as it can have a negative effect in the working environment, which can also affect future clientele.

So what can employers do?

·         Provide staff training on anti-discrimination to show employees that their conduct both inside and outside the office is important.

·         Reviewing social media policies

·         Revising disciplinary procedure in relation to discrimination, bullying and harassment and making consequences of such actions known.

·         Document and record any reports of harassment, bullying or racism by an employee, when it is raised, despite whether the incident has taken place in or outside the office.

If you are an employer and would like to discuss what you can do to protect the integrity of your business, please contact us for further information.

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